Sunday, August 22, 2010


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In today class,we have learned about SMILES (Simplified Molecular Input Line Entry System)...It is a specification for unambiguously describing the structure of chemical molecules using short ASCll strings. Besides that, SMILES strings can be imported by most molecule editors for conversion back into two-dimensional drawings or three-dimensional models of the molecules. It is quite interesting...Let us look at the examples below...^_^

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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Drawing Chemical Structures And Graphical Images

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Last time,for KOS 1110 class,our beloved Madam Noraslinda has taught us on how to use the ACD/ChemSketch software.Frankly, it is an integrated software package from Advanced Chemistry Development, Inc., (ACD/Labs) for drawing chemical structures, reactions, and schematic diagrams, and designing other chemistry-related reports and presentations.Of course ,it helps us drawing the chemical structure and graphical images more and more easier.Ok,let us take a look now!!

Simple Structure

This chapter considers the basics of structure drawing,which give us an overview of the chemical drawing features of ACD/ChemSketch . We are able to draw atoms, bonds (single double, triple, wedge, coordination, undefined,and Markush), as well as labels and polimers. Here, is the example of simple structure :

Complex Structure

Next, in this chapter ,we have learnt on how to draw more complex structures using the advanced tools of ACD/ChemSketch.We are able to use the Table of Radicals to draw typical chemical fragments.Besides that,we also have taught on how to quickly draw ring structures ,delete and replace atoms, set double and triple bonds, set an atom's charge, draw cations and anions, and change various atomic properties too. Here, are the example of complex structure :

Creating Graphical Objects

On the other hand, this chapter familiarizes us with the creation of graphical objects. We have learnt about how to use Draw mode tools for creating various types of graphical objects. Here, are the examples of graphical images :

The Energy Of Reaction Diagram

Various Types Of Orbitals

Vacuum Distillation Apparatus

A Two-Chain DNA Strand

Lipids And Micelles

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Tuesday, July 27, 2010


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Today,I have new interesting topic for all of you.Do you know what is Glutamine??Here, I have some information about it...

Ok,let us learn about this one kind of Glutamine...

~Crystal Structure of the Murine Inhibitor of Carbonic Anhydrase~

Authors : Eckenroth, B.E., Mason, A.B., McDevitt, M.E., Lambert, L.A., Everse, S.J.
Citation: The structure and evolution of the murine inhibitor of carbonic anhydrase:A member of the transferrin superfamily.(2010) Protein Sci.

~Molecular Description~

Classification : Lyase Inhibitor
Structure Weigh : 302882.00
Molecule : Inhibitor of Carbonic Anhydrase
Compound : 1 Polymer
Type : polypeptide(L)
Length : 687
Chains : A, B, C, D
Fragment : Residues 20-700
Mutation : N489D , N664D
Molecule of the Month Features:
1) Ferritin and Transferrin
2) Serum Albumin

One More 3D Macromolecule's Picture Of Glutamine

The original signature of the transferrin (TF) family of proteins was the ability to bind ferric iron with high affinity in the cleft of each of two homologous lobes.However, in recent years new family members which do not bind iron have been discovered. One new member is the inhibitor of carbonic anhydrase (ICA), which as its name indicates, binds to and strongly inhibits certain isoforms of carbonic anhydrase. Recently mouse ICA has been expressed as a recombinant protein in a mammalian cell system. Here we describe the 2.4 A structure of mouse ICA from a pseudomerohedral twinned crystal. As predicted, the structure is bilobal, comprised of two alpha-beta domains per lobe typical of the other family members; as with all but insect TFs, the structure includes the unusual reverse gamma-turn in each lobe. The structure is consistent with the fact that introduction of two mutations in the N-lobe of mICA (W124R and S188Y) allowed it to bind iron with high affinity. Unexpectedly, both lobes of the mICA were found in the closed conformation usually associated with presence of iron in the cleft, and making the structure most similar to diferric pig TF. Two new ICA family members (guinea pig and horse) were identified from genomic sequences and used in evolutionary comparisons. Additionally, a comparison of selection pressure (dN/dS) on functional residues reveals some interesting insights into the evolution of the TF family including that the N-lobe of lactoferrin may be in the process of eliminating its iron binding function.

That's all I know about Glutamine for this time. If you have anything to share with me especially about Glutamine, don't forget to leave your comment!!

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Monday, July 19, 2010



Monday,19th July 2010...

IN THE NAME OF ALLAH, THE MOST GRACIOUS AND THE MOST MERCIFUL...All the praises be to Allah,The Creator and The Sustainer of the world.O My Lord ! Expand me my chest ,ease my task for me and remove the impediment from my speech...


Alhamdulillah , we are very grateful to Allah because since now , we are still receiving "nikmat" Islam and Iman . To tighten and strengthen the bond of ukhuwah between us as muslims , we should always share , concerns , and remember towards each other . Allah s.w.t said in the Holy Quran in the chapter 49 , verse 10 , "Innamalmukminunalikhwah"-"All muslims are a single brotherhood"..Anyway , just to share....


Life is a Journey

From once proximal end to other.

Life is a Journey

You are the traveler.

Life is a Journey

Your thoughts directs, your way in the journey.

Your virtue will be the fodder for your thoughts

This directs your way in the journey

Life is a Journey unpredictable journey where

You can't predict when you will start the

Journey and end the journey.

Life is a Journey and the time taken in the journey

Is the only time for you to reach your destiny

Life is a Journey Unavoidable journey.

The way, in which you want, you may travel.

And the way in which you will travel will show your destiny.

And so, try to travel in the way by which you can reach your destiny.

All of us , despite where we come from or our different backgrounds , are a single unity uphold by our aqidah and submission towards Allah swt..Thus,whatever path that you may have taken,firstly remember that anything you do is to receive the blessing from Allah swt.... We as muslims should always remember to Allah at any time and anyplace... From now , you should know which path is the best for you..Let us think about it...